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What’s An Old Flame?

Well, that’s a good question. In most instances it refers to a past sweetheart.  But as I got the idea to hand pour delightful candles into beautiful old, vintage vessels, the name came to me, “Sharalee’s Old Flames.” So that’s what it is named. I’ve always been a lover of candles. They’ve set the mood for many a gathering or meal.  In fact I cook by candlelight. It doesn’t matter if I’m alone, or it’s just my Alan and I, or if company’s coming…candles are always present…lots of them! Everything and everyone looks prettier in candlelight.  But let’s face it, a candle, as glowingly beautiful and ambient as it is, when daylight begins filling a room, the candle can take on a whole different look. It stops be artistic.  Until now. Each Sharalee’s Old Flames are a perfect blend of white, apricot and coconut wax,  lovingly and carefully hand poured into gorgeous collectible vintage vessels; crystal, antiques, etched, carved or painted  brass, hand blown glass, porcelain, China, and whatever exquisite piece catches my eye. There are no two alike, just like there are never two human old flames that are the same. Right? ( wink wink)

These aren’t just any candles however. After the candle has finished sharing it’s light, Sharalee’s Old Flames will continue bringing warmth and beauty to an atmosphere, as you enjoy the vessel all by itself, or you can send it back to be repoured.   Each Old Flame is an heirloom, so make sure you know where it’s going.   
So when you’re looking for that “little something” to finish a look, or express your feelings, a wedding gift , a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, a new arrival gift, a thank you gift, a hostess gift, a sympathy gift, or a just because for no reason gift, look no more. This is the perfect answer.
Sharalee’s Old Flames aren’t for everyone.  But they are for anyone with discriminating taste and style.
It’s my joy to present Sharalee’s Old Flames, each one numbered and named. In fact if you have an old flame you’d like named as one of Sharalee’s Old Flames, contact me and send the first name only with a brief explanation as to why they should forever be remembered.  And be nice!  

Yours Truly

Sharalee Sherman

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